Greek Apparel Fundraiser

Get up to 20%+ off everything, free shipping, and raise thousands for your chapter with our pop-up stores!


  • Dedicated pop-up store for your chapter filled with our best selling items and up to 20% off everything!
  • Store remains open for 72 hours for members, new members, and other supporters to place orders.
  • All items are shipped for free to your house and we donate 10% of sales back to your chapter!


1. Request A Store

  • Fill out our quick form and receive your pop-up store link within 24 hours.
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2. Share the Link!

  • Share the link with members, parents, and other supporters at your university.
  • They will have 72 hours to place their orders online. (Yes, it can be more than 72 hours!)

3. Receive Items & Collect Fundraising Check

  • Receive all items about 10 days after the order closes.
  • Items can be shipped to each sorority house for free or to a separate address.
  • You will receive your fundraising check along with the order!

How Much Will Your Chapter Raise?

10% of all sales are donated back to your chapter. A good rule of thumb is that each member, on average, buys $38 worth of merchandise (about 2 items).

Example: A chapter with 100 members sells an  average of
$3,800 worth of merchandise (100 members x $38 per order) 

$3,800 worth of sales will raise $380 in profit for your chapter.

Pop-up Store Benefits

Risk Free

Our pop-up store fundraisers are 100% free to setup and run giving you maximum upside and zero downside!

Zero Work

Well almost zero work. Just share the link with chapters, parents, and the rest of the world and your work is done! 

Outfit Your Members

Give your members an easy way to purchase gear and to rep their house on campus. Not only will they receive steep discounts and free shipping, but it will raise money for your chapter in the process!

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Payout Options:

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Check
  • Kite and Crest Store Credit (Get 25% more)