Our Leadership Team

Just a couple of siblings who happen to make awesome greek apparel. 


Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & COO


Co-Founder & CMO

Jack Borsch

VP of Procurement

Emily Haley

VP of Sales

Sarah Dipity

VP of Marketing


The cutest company dog around.

Our Story

Greek life has always been an important aspect in our family, which is why we created a company that centers around giving back to the Greek community. My two brothers, Tyler and Scott, as well as myself have found a forever home and friends that will last a life time in each of our chapters. We owe a lot to the organizations that got us to where we are today!

From a young age the three of us have been a tight knit group. From tag in the neighborhood to building a company together we have always been a team. And a good one at that.

A couple years ago it seemed like our life was drastically about to change. Tyler and Scott were about to graduate college and head out into the real world. They would be moving out and looking for jobs in the finance world. On the other hand I was about to move off to college and leave home for the first time. I felt like our team was finally coming to an end. Did any of us really want this?

Over that summer of change we were traveling in Asia together where we had a real heart to heart about the future. The big question was how could all of us stay working together as a team while doing something we love and are passionate about? The answer came in the form of Kite and Crest. Kite and Crest has not only kept all of us together but it has allowed us to give back to the Greek community which is a community we owe everything to.

We hope our products and services can bring a smile to your face. While creating these products all I could think about was the joy and happiness that women all over the country feel on their bid day as they are welcomed into their forever home and welcomed into a forever sisterhood. My hope is that these products remind each and every one of you, the joy you felt on your bid day.

Love, the Kite and Crest family

Our Values


We take pride in the fact that we are family owned. But we want you guys to feel like family too. Send us pictures and videos to be featured on our instagram. Or just shoot us an email if you ever feel like taking/venting. We are always here to lend an ear! :)


We take pride in the quality of our products and the quality of our service. If you are not 110% satisfied with your products let us know and we will fix it right away for you!


Our artists come from all over the world and offer innovative and creative thinking. Every design is drawn up on the drawing board before being sent to our world class artists to offer you new and unique designs.


Kite and Crest is built around giving back to the community that gave us everything. Work with us on your greek apparel fundraiser to help us reach our $5,000,000 goal by 2025!

World Class Artists

Here at Kite and Crest we proudly hire some of the top artists found in all different parts of the world. Through our flexible work hours and great company morale adding to an inclusive work environment we are able to make an impact in communities around the world. Our livable wages and employee loyalty allows us to help those in underprivileged parts of the world find a job where they can put their talents and amazing work ethic to use.

KC Proud

Two things we love: Greek apparel and our home town, Kansas City. Our roots may be in KC but our loyal clients stretch from coast to coast. We take pride in our city but we also take pride in serving Greeks all over the country!