Trendy Delta Phi Epsilon Apparel

I absolutely love getting new sorority apparel! I think it is so fun to showcase my sorority while on campus, in the airport or just walking around town. Even though I am someone who typically gravitates towards timeless pieces, I still enjoy getting a few trendy pieces each year to revamp my sorority wardrobe. 

One of the many reasons why I love Kite and Crest is because of how many different pieces they offer. They have a wide range of timeless and trendy pieces in their collection. The Delta Phi Epsilon collection has many trendy crewnecks and trendy t-shirts.

Down below I linked some of my favorite trendy Delta Phi Epsilon apparel!

DPHIE three butterflies tee

I love the butterflies on this tee. I think they are so cute and simple, yet butterflies are definitely in this year!

DPHIE epic mountains crewneck sweatshirt

The epic mountains crewneck is one of our best sellers! It is so fun and different from anything I have ever seen! 

DPHIE you had me at crewneck sweatshirt

This is such a unique crewneck design. It is super retro and I could see my future daughter loving this crewneck!

DPHIE colorful rainbow tee

I love how colorful and fun this tee is! It is perfect for summer and even comes in a crewneck!

DPHIE black box crewneck sweatshirt

This crewneck is so simple yet trendy at the same time. I can't wait to throw this crewneck on while in class this fall!

I hope these Delta Phi Epsilon crewnecks and tees gave you some ideas of new trendy pieces you want to add to your closet!

Until next time sisters!



Kappa Alpha Theta

The University of Kansas

CMO at Kite and Crest

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