The Best Sigma Sigma Sigma Alumna Apparel

Graduating from college can seem weird and intimidating and altogether just sad. Your sorority was a blanket of comfort and you always had someone that could help you. However, just because you are graduating does not mean that needs to change. You still have your sorority sisters and advisors there for you even if you are now an alumni. And of course, just because you are graduated doesn't mean you have to stop wearing your letters!

Kite and Crest offers designated alumna t-shirts and crewnecks as well as plenty of simple designs perfect for graduates. The Sigma Sigma Sigma collection has so many cute Tri Sigma t-shirts and Tri Sigma crewnecks to choose from.

Down below I linked some of my all time favorite Tri Sigma alumna apparel.

Tri Sigma vintage alumna crewneck sweatshirt

I love how simple this crewneck is. You wouldn't even know it was a sorority crewneck unless you were really looking for it!

Tri Sigma black box crewneck sweatshirt

Even though this design doesn't say "alumna" on it, I think this crewneck is perfect for graduates. It is so trendy and eye catching!

Tri Sigma red arch crewneck sweatshirt

I love how fun this red arch sorority crewneck is. The perfect way to rep your sorority after you graduate. 

Tri Sigma sorority alumna tee

I love how simple this tee is! This would be so cute to throw on underneath your cap and grown for graduation pictures. 

I hope these designs gave you some inspiration for shirts and crewnecks you can wear even after graduation!
Until next time sisters!



Kappa Alpha Theta

The University of Kansas

CMO at Kite and Crest

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