My Favorite Timeless Delta Zeta Pieces

Sorority apparel is ever changing, which is why I tend to gravitate more towards timeless pieces. I like to choose pieces I know my future daughter or niece would love to wear even years from now. 

One of the many reasons why I love Kite and Crest so much is because of how many different designs they offer on their website. We like to offer best pieces at an affordable price. The Delta Zeta collection offers many different crewnecks and t-shirts to choose from. 

Below I linked some of my all time favorite timeless Delta Zeta pieces!

Dee Zee USA crewneck sweatshirt

I love how simple this crewneck is. It is absolutely perfect for the fourth of July which is right around the corner!

Dee Zee red arch tee

The pop of red is so cute and eye catching. It is a design I know my daughter would love in the future. 

DZ white script letter tee

This script letter tee is a staple everyone needs in their closet. I love the pop of pink!

Delta Zeta pink letter sorority crewneck sweatshirt

Everyone NEEDS a sorority letter crewneck in their closet. It is such a timeless and classic piece!

I hope this post helped show you some super cute timeless Delta Zeta pieces you need in your closet!

Until next time sisters!



Kappa Alpha Theta

The University of Kansas

CMO at Kite and Crest


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