My favorite Delta Delta Delta crewneck designs

I LOVE a good sorority crewneck. however, in all honesty, I have way too many of them haha! They are just so versatile and comfy to throw on over anything! I always have a crewneck with me in my backpack whether it is when I am in class or in the airport heading off to my next trip! I like to mostly own products that are very timeless and things that I could see myself giving to my future daughter or niece! I am the type of person who likes to invest in products I could wear for years down the road. However, I do like to have a few trendy pieces as well that help spice up my wardrobe. 

Kite and Crest seriously has the best of both worlds when it comes to trendy and timeless pieces. I know that everyone has a different style or taste that they rock! There really is something for everyone! Their Delta Delta Delta crewneck collection is incredible! It has such a wide range of Tri Delta crewnecks and Tri Delta t-shirts to choose from and all of the products are at an affordable price!

Below I linked some of my favorite Delta Delta Delta crewneck sweatshirts in the Kite and Crest collection!

Tri Delta colorful rainbow crewneck sweatshirt

I am obsessed with this crewneck. It is so bright and colorful. It is very eye catching!

Tri Delta black box crewneck sweatshirt

This Tri Delta design is very unique. It is just the right amount of trendy and timeless!

Tri Delta red and blue crewneck sweatshirt

This crewneck would be perfect for the fourth of July!

Tri Delta you had me at crewneck sweatshirt

This crewneck is so retro and colorful. It is very eye catching and a crewneck that I know my future daughter would think is so fun and unique!

I hope you were able to find some cute Tri Delta apparel in this blog!

Until next time sisters!



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