Fun Theta Phi Alpha Big Little Apparel

I LOVE big little reveal! It is such a special day and it is something that makes new members in a sorority feel included and connected to the chapter. I think it is so fun to go ALL out for your little and really make her excited about her sorority!

One way to go all out and make it fun is to get you and your little matching shirts to wear for the reveal. Not only that, but every time your little wears her shirt you got her she will think about you!

Kite and Crest has some really cute apparel that would be perfect for big little reveal! Down below I linked some of my favorite Theta Phi Alpha t-shirts and Theta Phi Alpha crewnecks for big little reveal.

Theta Phi three butterflies tee

I love this butterfly tee! It is so trendy and would really stand out for a big little reveal.

Theta Phi wavy rainbow tee

This is such an eye catching design! Your little would not miss this shirt when she was looking for her big during the big little reveal!

Theta Phi Alpha blue bubble letter sorority t-shirt 

This is one of our best selling designs! It is so fun yet so simple all in one! This design also comes in pink and you could grab both colors for the big little reveal!

I hope these designs got you excited for your big little reveal and gave you some inspo for what to wear for the reveal!

Until next time sisters!



Kappa Alpha Theta

The University of Kansas

CMO at Kite and Crest


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