Fun Pi Beta Phi Designs to Order for Your Chapter!

I always love getting new sorority apparel! It is especially fun when your chapter purchases apparel for the sorority so that members can twin! 

Kite and Crest offers great quantity discounts on all of our items to make ordering easy and simple! No middle men, no waiting on design revisions, just big savings!

Down below I linked some of my favorite Pi Beta Phi sweatshirts and Pi Beta Phi tees.

Pi Phi bright and stacked crewneck sweatshirt

This design is so bright and colorful for summer!

Pi Phi colorful lined tee

Another fun and colorful design! This design is so eye catching!

Pi Phi wavy rainbow crewneck sweatshirt

This is one of our best selling crewnecks! I could definitely see myself wearing this around campus!

I hope these designs gave you some ideas of what your next apparel order will consist of!
Until next time!



Kappa Alpha Theta

The University of Kansas

CMO at Kite and Crest

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