Cute Phi Sigma Sigma Designs

It can be really hard to find cute apparel for your sorority. On top of that, usually you need to work with a designer to create whatever design you want, which can be a long process, and then you end up over paying for tees or crewnecks! 

Kite and Crest makes the process of ordering for your whole chapter a breeze! You don't need to talk to a designer for weeks. And you don't need to over pay for sorority apparel ever again!

To order for your whole Phi Sigma Sigma chapter, all you need to do it find whatever design you want to order, add how many many shirts you want and what sizes you need to the cart and then check out. Thanks it!! Our discounts start at 6 units purchased and that is all applied at checkout for a simple and easy way to save!

Now, if you are like me, you may be looking at all of the Phi Sigma Sigma tees and Phi Sigma Sigma crewnecks and wondering how you are ever going to decide which cute design to order! No worries, I did all of the work for you and linked some of my favorite Phi Sigma Sigma apparel below!

Phi Sig three butterflies tee

Butterflies are so trendy right now! I love the pink Phi Sig butterfly tee we offer!

Phi Sig epic mountains crewneck sweatshirt

This design is so unique and eye catching. It is a crewneck I could see myself giving to my future daughter!

Phi Sigma Sigma pink letter sorority crewneck sweatshirt

I love how simple this design is. The pink is subtle enough where it isn't overwhelming but it adds a nice touch of color! You can't go wrong with a simple letter crewneck.

Phi Sig black box tee

One of our best selling tee's! I love how eye catching the black box is and the font is so cute and girlie!

I hope these designs gave you some ideas for tee's and crewneck's to purchase for your chapter!

Until next time sisters!



Kappa Alpha Theta

The University of Kansas

CMO at Kite and Crest


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