Best Alpha Epsilon Phi alumna shirts

This next year will be my last year at The University of Kansas and I am very unsure on how I should feel. Part of me is excited to start working in the real world, move downtown, get an apartment and start traveling. But, another part of me is scared of the unknown. College gave me a sense of belonging and guidance that I needed. I knew what classes I needed to take to graduate and had older women in my sorority that were always prepared to help me with anything. With college coming to an end I am starting to realize that there is a whole avenue of things that are going to be brand new to me. I am going to have to cook all my own meals now (goodbye sorority chef), I am going to have to learn how to pay taxes and bills (thank you dad for always doing that for me), I am going to have be the one in charge of cleaning my apartment (thank you mom for always keeping our home very clean!) but maybe most importantly I am going to have to get better at keeping in touch with my sorority sisters since we will no longer live right down the hall from each other. All of these may prove to be a little hard, however, it is reassuring to know just how many sorority alumni there are that are always ready to help a sister out. 

I have already started to think about graduation and know that for my senior pictures I want to have a cute alumni shirt on. Even though I won’t be an active member anymore, I do still want to have sorority apparel to wear after I graduate and am in the real world. 

Down below I have listed some of my all time favorite Alpha Epsilon Phi alumna shirts!

AEPHI red arch crewneck sweatshirt

I absolutely LOVE this Alpha Epsilon Phi crewneck sweatshirt! Even though it does not say alumna on it, I think it is something that is so classic and timeless that could be worn in or out of college.

AEPHI black box crewneck sweatshirt

This design is the right amount of trendy and classic. It does not scream "I'm in a sorority" which is why I think it is perfect for an Alpha Epsilon Phi alumna crewneck.

AEPHI white script letter shirt

I love this Alpha Epsilon Phi t-shirt! It could easily be worn underneath your graduation gown for cute graduation pictures!

AEPHI vintage alumna shirt 

This Alpha Epsilon Phi alumna shirt is perfect for graduation pictures. It is a perfect way to still support your sorority even after college!

AEPHI sorority alumna crewneck sweatshirt

One my all time favorite Alpha Epsilon Phi alumna sweatshirts! It is so simple and timeless. Perfect for any sorority alumni!

I hope you all got some inspiration for cute Alpha Epsilon Phi alumna shirts and crewnecks! 

Until next time sisters,


Megan Schwerdtfeger

The University of Kansas

Kappa Alpha Theta

CMO at Kite and Crest

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