10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Through Sorority Recruitment

Sorority recruitment can be a stressful time, however, it's important to know that everyone went through it! Even myself (a now junior in college) was once in your shoes! I remember how stressful the build up was for me, but once the week began I got so consumed in visiting all of the houses, talking to the women in each chapter and meeting all the women in my dorm that I didn't even have time to stress haha!

I grew so much as a person that first week at school and this may sound silly but I am actually thankful for the sorority recruitment process! After being on both sides of the recruitment process I have learned quite a few things that I wish I knew before going through sorority recruitment my freshman year.

Today I'm going to share 10 things I wish I knew before going through sorority recruitment. I hope you find these tips helpful and hopefully this blog post can help calm your nerves about the whole recruitment process!

1. Come in with an open mind!

This may sound obvious but seriously come in with an open mind! Don't have your heart set on a house before recruitment week even begins. Older women that may have gone to your university may have opinions on the houses that are there, but remember that houses change! The sororities at your University have most likely changed since your aunt was there 20 years ago, so take what people tell you with a grain of salt! 


2. You will get cut from houses!

It is so rare for someone to have a perfect recruitment where they don't get cut from a single house. If you get cut from a house (or a few) don't take it personally. Everyone gets cut from houses and it really does all happen for a reason. Trust that women in each sorority have your best interest in mind, and most likely they chose to cut you because they felt that you would really fit in well at a different house. Even though it can hurt in the moment this process is designed to help find the best house for you!

3. Don't obsess over your outfits!

Although you do want to look presentable, you do not need to spend hours and $100's of dollars trying to find the perfect outfit. I spent months buying dresses, skirts, shoes and jewelry so that I could put together the perfect outfit for each day of recruitment. In all honesty, I may have gotten two compliments about my outfits the whole week. The women in the chapters are more interested in who you are and not what you are wearing. Also, you have to keep in mind that one active member may see 100-400 women a day during recruitment and so the likelihood of her remembering your specific outfit is very slim. However, do keep in mind that this is sorority recruitment and so you want your outfits to be flattering and classy. No mini skirts or cut out dresses need to be worn this week. 

4. The active sorority members are just as nervous about the recruitment process as you are!

I think I may have been more nervous being an active member recruiting than I was a freshman going through the process. We want you to like us just as much as you want us to like you! Whenever I would be talking to a potential new member one on one, I needed to make sure I was really on my A game because in that moment I was the one person representing my chapter as a whole to you. It is normal to be nervous but just remember you are not alone!

5. Do not talk badly about any chapter (even with friends)!

There are going to be chapters that you just do not like. Maybe it was their house, or you didn't vibe with the girls you talked to, and that is ok! But other potential new members may have really liked that house! Maybe they talked to someone else who they just really bonded with or maybe their mom was in that house! You don't want to talk down on any house because you never know what house people are going to end up in. If you tell your new roommate you hated a specific house and then at the end of the week thats the one she joins, it could get pretty awkward for you two! It's best to talk about the things you liked and keep the negatives to yourself. 

6. Bring a bag around with you with the essentials!

Bringing a little backpack around with me during recruitment week my freshman year was the best thing I did! My recruitment process took place in the fall so it was VERY hot! I packed a water bottle, a little portable fan to help myself cool off, a washcloth to dry the sweat (I know, gross but it was so helpful!), a snack that wouldn't melt, a couple tampons just incase and a pair of tennis shoes on the days I wore heels. Packing a backpack was so helpful and just made sitting outside a little more bearable! 

7. Everything happens for a reason!

You are going to hear this all of recruitment week (and you will probably be tired of hearing it lol) but everything seriously does happen for a reason. Trust that there is a house for you and that the women in each chapter can tell if their house is the one for you or if you would fit in better at another house. Don't take anything personally this week! Just because you get cut from a house doesn't mean the members didn't like, it just means that they could see you fitting in better at a different house. 

8. Make friends with the women around you each day (these women could be your sorority sisters)!

Whenever you are outside a house waiting to go in get to know the women around you. As the week goes by you will notice that fewer and fewer women are coming back each day and that you have fewer houses to go to each day. This is because both you and the houses are narrowing down who is going to be in their new pledge class! Look around at the women you see at each house because most likely some of these women will be your sorority sisters. 

9. When your recruitment counselors say no cell phones, they really mean NO CELL PHONES!

Although it is fine to call your mom or sister at the end of each day to tell them what happened, during the day your phone should be put away. The week is supposed to be about you and what house you want to join not what house your mom wants you to join. Some Universities take it very seriously when they say no phones during the day. It's best to just play it safe and keep your phone put away.

10. Be yourself!

I know this may seem obvious but seriously be yourself! If you fake it during recruitment week or try to be someone you're not, you may end up in a house that you aren't happy in! At the end of the day each house just wants to get to know you as a person! There is no one size fits all when it comes to a sorority house! Every woman in each chapter is different in their own way!

So take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your recruitment week! You got this!

Feel free to leave any recruitment questions in the comments!

Until next time sisters!



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